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  • distancing day 306 thoughts:
    Today was prepping for and driving to our trip. We brought WiWi with us and I’m actually super surprised at how great she did on the drive here. She was a little carsick at first but she didn’t yack and only dropped two certified stinkers. I wore our “just in case” muzzle on my braContinue reading “distancing day 306 thoughts:”
  • distancing day 305 thoughts:
    We are going on a little getaway this weekend so that we can do outdoor activities in a new place. The amount of preparation required to pack 6 people for a trip involving swimsuits, snow clothes, tubing gear, and every day clothes is immense. We had some errands to run today that all the kidsContinue reading “distancing day 305 thoughts:”
  • distancing day 304 thoughts:
    I don’t even know what to say today. I got a new razor and it’s great. We schooled and ran a few errands and tidied a little and ate. It was a good day.
  • distancing day 303 thoughts:
    I’m going to be honest with you here. I almost forgot to write today. Wouldn’t that be something? I made it 302 days to slap forget to write on day 303. Thankfully that did not happen but I was laying here wishing I was asleep. I couldn’t sleep because for whatever reason I am chilledContinue reading “distancing day 303 thoughts:”
  • distancing day 302 thoughts:
    We procrastinated on a hike for Cub Scouts until today (due tomorrow) which meant that we were hiking in 20 degrees with snow on the ground and freeze your face wind. I don’t recommend procrastinating, but it was really beautiful out minus a very cold noses. We have hiked Paint Mines before in the summerContinue reading “distancing day 302 thoughts:”

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