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  • distancing day 15/sip day 3 thoughts:
    All of the updates can’t be winners. I kept everyone alive today! I did not do anything terribly constructive other than bathe. Tomorrow we have to clean and be functioning humans again. Today? We watched a lot of TV and lived our best my 600lb life. I spent some time making Tiger King shirts forContinue reading “Home”
  • distancing day 14/sip day 2 thoughts:
    1. Dear Diary, I have been trapped in my house for 14 days. Any joke I’ve ever made about how jail sounds like a vacation, I take it back, alright? I. Take. It. Back. I had to put myself in timeout today because I was acting stank to my fellow inmates. I ended up fallingContinue reading “Home”
  • distancing day 13/sip day 1 thoughts:
    1. I don’t know how to tell y’all this, but this is the end of days. Don’t get it twisted. This doesn’t have anything to do with coronavirus or flying pigs or me singing. It has everything to do with me and laundry being all caught up. Yes, I am all caught up on laundryContinue reading “Home”
  • distancing day 12 thoughts:
    1. Welp. I have found the only thing on the Earth that motivates me to do laundry: Being stuck inside my house for 12 days straight with snitches. Omg at the tattling. I finally went upstairs and started sorting/hanging up laundry and told them if they didn’t leave, they had to help. Apparently, snitches doContinue reading “Home”
  • distancing day 11 thoughts:
    I napped to escape my pantry today. I’m up from the nap and still eating. I switched to the more waistline conscious choice of apples, but I nearly choked twice. One time, while choking, I sputtered apple chunks all over the back of Jerry’s neck. If you ever had any questions about what it’s likeContinue reading “Home”

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My name is Meagan and I am a mom of 4, Veteran, military spouse, freelance writer, blogger, and social media manager. On this page, I hope you’ll get some laughs and maybe find some inspiration.