7 and a butt days

this morning was spent sleeping in and eating eggs. at o’dark30 this morning c decided to play a rousing game of nosebleed “I get chu!”. a normal game of “I get chu” is played by the parents (Daddy J and me) running after the kids and then shouting “I got you!” when we grab them for a hug. Even the creative one, c has created her own version of this game where the end-state goal is that the parents are awake and have nosebleeds. she likes to sit up in bed and ram her forehead into the bridge of our nose. it’s a swell way to wake up. literally. anyway, c woke us up and I asked Daddy J to take her. I think I bartered that he could have a nap this afternoon and I’d watch the kids, but my blinding nose pain and exhaustion were really what was motivating that promise. after the 1.5 hours it took me to actually get awake (I.e. suck down coffee time), we got dressed and ran errands. our passports are now siskle and ebbert style 2-thumbs ways up. we also stopped and got Daddy J’s other various necessities for travel. he got most of his packing done today- a feat. I avoided throwing up when he was packing- I deserve a medal or at the very least a cake with me in a cape on it. I only cried for about 23 seconds when I was all alone too. I didn’t cry because I was sad he was leaving, I cried bc I caught myself wishing this year would go by fast. but, if it goes by fast, my kids’ lives will zoom by too and I do NOT want that. My life already is on fast-forward. I don’t need to take it up to the 4x fast-forward option. I just need to pray that I can embrace the suck one day at a time.


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