today is c’s birthday aka daddy J’s last day in the usa for 182 days (until mid-tour).

started the day with some present opening.  j and c were super pumped to open the presents– mostly j for c.  he gets an a+ for present opening and a c- for sharing.  see?  that is why i am going to be an amazing homeschooling mom; i can totally grade fairly. 

*dang i love me some barbies (or just opening some barbies)*

ran the last of the errands after quick baths for everyone and then headed to the indoor trampoline place.  j thought he was in cirque de soleil tryouts on the harness, except for the fact that he wouldn’t jump he would only swing.  c wouldn’t stop long enough to let me get a picture so i have a lot of blurry pics of the birthday girl.

*so do i have to paint my face weird colors and stuff?*

after trampolining (and one epic meltdown) we went to get some grub at jimmy johns and pick up mommy’s birthstone ring for daddy. 

*that’s one fine looking birthday girl waiting for her very fancy birthday turkey sammich*

when we got home we let the kids “swim” in the pool (aka run around 90% neked and throw rocks into the pool). 

*i dont know what is classier my behind the knee stretch marks or our astro turf putting green*

while we were outside we asked j what the clouds looked like.  he gave us a “truck” and then an “al queada” for this cloud.  WHAT?  there you have it folks- the face of al qeada.  hide yo wives, hide yo children!

*my finger wanted a close-up.  she is so narcassistic*


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