damn am I ever glad this year isn’t a leap year! I’ve taken my melatonin and I am in bed for the night with every light in the house blazing. ok, not every light, but at least 1/3.

I held up better than I imagined today. I’ve always been pretty good when in the middle of an ‘event’ but really quite dreadful in the lead up. although; I think the fact that I haven’t cried non-stop today is proof that God heard the prayers that folks were sending up for us. I thank you for that! Please keep them coming. I got a little sick to my stomach earlier tonight, but not to worry! I was able to still choke downs piece of chocolate cake. whew. that one was close.

In other news, my darling son had his first conversation with an imaginary friend today. he has taken on a “wittle snake” also known as “just a wittle snake” he walked up to the snake and pointed to the cat. he said “that not a snake. that a cat, siwwy!” then, he pointed to himself and said “I not snake either. you so siwwy, wittle snake”. precious! then, right before bed he picked up the phone on the play kitchen and called Daddy. when he hung up, I asked him what his Daddy said. he responded “he said hi!”. lol. you don’t say? I love that little man. c had her first fettuccini Alfredo tonight. she did so great. she then enjoyed her first ever andees candies. girl after my own heart!

hoping that we hear from Daddy in 4ish more hours. I will take the astronomical international phone charges directly on the chin to know he is there ok.


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