2/365- don’t step on your peter

we had a really great day today! I haven’t dropped a single tear and we got to Skype w/ Daddy 2 times and talk to him on the phone once. That certainly makes it easier.

ma’am and I took j and c to the trampoline place. they had a blast as usual. j was continuing his pursuit of the opposite sex all over the gym today. at one point, he introduced himself “names jack” and grabbed the little girls hand without solicitation. bahahahahahahahaha! she ripped her hand away sooooo fast. don’t hate the player, sweetheart. hate the game.

I also *may* or may not have said “don’t stand on your Peter; you might break it” to my son today. tehehe. j calls his computer “Peter”. Idk why he named it but he did. so, I was referring to his computer, but the double entendre was just too much.

jack also painted a picture for Daddy J today. it’s named ‘rainbow (abstract)’. all the rainbow colors are there and he knew them all, but it’s a bit of a toddler monet.

another favorite moment of mine today was when I asked j what shape a stop sign is and he said “octopus” close kid. close.


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