whoop whoop, y’all! we are 1% done with the separation. so far so good! now, we just have do a 3.5 day clump 99 more times. I got 99 problems and a deployment is definitely one.

lesson learned in the first 1%. schedule is KEY. I wish I could think if a better word than key even. essentially isn’t really cutting it either. what’s one word for “has to happen or my son acts full on cray cray and you think you’ve entered a parallel universe where the mayor of naughtytown is my offspring”? yeah, I couldn’t think of a word either.

when j wasn’t speaking in toddler tongues and torturing all of America with his shrieks, he was actually retry funny today. this morning he as drinking from his new “brachiosaurus” sippy cup and he grabbed his sister’s too. he named them mommasaurus and daddysaurus. at first they were being really sweet hugging and kiseing and then, they started scrapping bc well, even 2 year olds understand comedic timing.

in other news: I had the strangest convo ever today with the host for a restaurant where we ate tonight. this is how it went…

me at 425pm: may i make a reservation at 5 or 515 for 4 adults, 2 kids?

host: uh, let me ask.

me: ok

host: no, I can’t take your reservation, sorry we are full.

me: so should we not come then?

host: well, I can’t take a reservation, but I can take your name for the list 30 minutes out.

me: so it’s a reservation and you aren’t full?

host: no, we are full but we can probably have a table ready for you in 10-15 minutes after you arrive in 30 minutes.

me: ???? ok, so I’m going to give you my name and you will have a table for me in 40- 45 minutes? (thereby making it 505- 515)

host: yes ma’am.

me: ok…………. do that then.

America, what the Hell?


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