shaking his amoxicillin

oh my law. how did this day get out of hand so quickly?

**warning: do not read further if you are not interested in hearing about my x rated conversation with the friendly San Antonio PD**

after a day straight from Dante’s inferno (more on that later), I had to go collect my valuables from my truck. on the way down I saw a naked arm and a white blanket in the front seat of a car. i thought that rather odd but thought what happened next REALLY odd. on the way back from the truck, I saw a naked man doing what appeared to be mastering the art of bation. I came back and told C. she called the front desk practically in tears bc really… In who else’s life does that happen?!

2 minutes later the front desk calls back to ask us where specifically the vehicle is at. they said the cops were on their way. holy Christmas.

5 minutes after that there is a knock on our door and the security guard is here and asking me what happened. I told him I was hoping they’d just shoo the guy off, not arrest him. I explained to him what I saw, but I said (in a moment of delirium perhaps) that we should give him the benefit of the doubt bc maybe he was shaking his amoxicillin”. the security guard looked like he was begging mother Earth to swallow him up.

approximately 10 minutes after the security guard stopped by, the policeman came up to have a chat. I told him the same thing and he said that the guy was without clothing but sitting in his car talking to his wife on the phone. Jeeves. he asked me of I was 100% sure what I saw. I informed him that I was a staircase away and I didn’t play I spy with his pickle, but yes, that’s what it looked like. he said the security guard wanted to kick the guy out and the whole deal. I was feeling so bad bc the dude was probably on the phone w/ his wife when the officer banged on his window. I said, well, maybe he was readjusting his towel or whatever. I don’t want the guy to get arrested, I just don’t want him choking his chicken outside of our hotel room. is that really too much to ask? really!

San antonio better step up their game tomorrow…otherwise I wouldn’t come back here if you paid me.


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