Clara looks like Billy Ray Cyrus circa 1998. Someone take away my scissors. Also, on a completely unrelated note, can someone tell me where I can buy some toddler sized bandanas?

we don’t like his hair and we don’t like his music.
The weather cooled off here and so I bought the 50 gallon drum of popcorn that signifies Christmas to really kick off the Season. Because nothing says Merry Chrimus like 3- delicious flavors of the popcorns. I’m giving that tin until Friday night before its empty. maybe we can use the empty popcorn barrel to make our own Drew brew or pickle 475 cucumbers.

Pepsi bottle for size reference (re: and I’m lazy and didn’t want to move it)
speaking of Christmas goodies, I made my favorite Christmas cookies tonight. I got distracted by who knows what and forgot to add the egg. I added it at the last minute and so my cookies turned out to be more of sweetish- mini biscuits. strange. I don’t recommend it.

Dual purpose: Christmas July 4th plate.


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