I’m not one to succumb to conspiracy theories nor do I think the end of the world is coming next Friday, but I think a world where we can live happily and without fear has been slipping away from us for a long time. The shooting today in Connecticut culminates a past full of sick individuals without foresight beyond the tip of their nose. It’s disgusting, reprehensible, inconceivable, even, the amount of venom and tar running through this shooter’s veins where blood should flow. I do not know how this animal got so twisted, whether dealt by nature’s hand or the hand of an abuser, but I sincerely hope that our future can be snuffed of individuals who are so sick and perverse as to harm innocent people– children especially.

My solemn prayer is that our future turn down a more distinguished path where we nurture our physically and mentally ill over nature’s fate, nourish our children, and live freely from fear all of our days.

Please join me in prayers for the families affected by the shooting in Connecticut today and prayers for America.

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