my first personal ad

I’m afraid if I don’t go soon I’m going to miss an opportunity to see Breaking Dawn in theaters. That’s a no-go. Desperate times call for desperate measures… it was time to put out an ad since I think I’m the last breathing Twihard that hasn’t seen this in the theaters.

These books remind me of when I was pregnant with baby j. I couldn’t work (drive, cook for myself, or operate anything w/ an on-off switch) when I was taking Benadryl every 4 hours. I remember distinctly raising the blinds in my den, sitting all Benadryl stoned on the couch for hours and hours a day, and reading the Twilight series in between naps (which amounted to about 3 pages at a time). I also recall that the first movie was out so I watched the movie directly after reading the book. I remember thinking “is it the Benadryl talking or is this the slowest movie of all time?” turns out that Kristin Stewart pretty much always makes me question my cognition when I’m watching her act. so, it’s not me, it’s you, K.Stew.

the movies have gotten progressively better and I am dying to see the last installment. lets hope I make a good impression on potential theater-mates with my ad. 🙂 fingers crossed.

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