2012: the year of the rabid beaver

I thought after the 2 year molars that kids didn’t get any more teeth until their permanent teeth?!? they really should cover that more in the what to expect guides. like “what to expect when your kid turns into a snotty raging maniac and starts gnawing on everything from wooden furniture to stuffed animals to twisted steel”

my son (who incidentally is turning 3 tomorrow) has been chewing on everything in the past week or so. everything. as im trolling through the house looking for new evidence that the he’s been at it again, im reminded of that time that our dogs chewed completely through the tv electrical cord, while it was still plugged in. Darwin really failed me on that one.

things I’ve found chewed (in no particular order of grossness):

-a flashlight face
-a diaper (clean-thankfully)
-construction paper
-2 t-shirts (they both now have holes?)
-DVD case
-several book corners
-a remote
-iPad cover
-shopping card handles
and last but not least…
-the handle of the plunger (I can’t even go into the depths of how much this one disgusts me)

if he were actually eating pieces, I’d have him checked for pica, but he isn’t eating pieces of anything– he’s just a working on things like cud. biting them over and over and over in the same spot. the only explanations I can come up with is that he’s A. teething or B. part beaver. a rabid one at that. I’ve narrowed down the teething thing- I thought- by taking my own appendage health in my hands and checking his teeth. I didn’t see any new ones or hot spots. I’m stumped.

the whole thing is just so strange. I definitely am not a child psychologist, but stress chewing is the best I got on this one. if he doesn’t cut it out soon, he is gonna get a birthday trip to the doctor. here’s hoping. lets hope bobo (the stuffed panda) makes it out of this one alive.

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