the corythosaurus and the dino junkie

anybody who has ever met baby jerry howser, paleontology PhD, knows that he has an uncanny, borderline rainman-ish ability to remember dinosaur facts. I’ll be the first to confess that he watched a lot of PBS when I was pregnant with c and, thus, he watched a lot of dinosaur train. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but I have and thanks to Dr. Scott and the Conductor I’m better versed in the 3 major dinosaur time periods than I am in the Civil War.
I’m not really sure when the obsession started, but I know that it was in full swing well before his 2nd birthday. I look at c now that she’s approximately the age he was when he started liking them. she has a much broader vocabulary than he did at this age, but words like “corythosaurus” “stegosaurus” and “ceratops” aren’t really on her radar like they were for him.
but I digress… he loves dinosaurs so much that we took the Midwest USA Dino tour as our vacation last year when our half-assed planned trip to Yellowstone didn’t work out (<- bc we are stupid… more on that at a later date). he loved every minute which means that I pretty much pick him up a dino for him every time I leave the house or buy a present for him for a special occasion. he has dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes and he's not particularly adept at picking up his toys.
today I was walking into the Hiroshima interior designed/decorated playroom when I stepped on a hard plastic stegosaurus. let me let you know right now that stegosaurus makes Legos look like a squishy doe-eyed bunny. I thought I was going to need at least 486 stitches. I can just imagine my conversation with the dr now…

tomorrow is his birthday and he is getting about 6 or 7 more Dinos between that and Christmas. I’m seriously considering exercising a vendetta on that little stegosaurus. do you think that it would be too extreme if I hack off his body parts and leave them around to serve as a lesson to the others? I’m like the dinosaur

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