tonight j was super hard to calm down for sleep. he was very upset and so I laid down in his bed with him to calm him and this is our conversation:

j: “where’s my daddy? I need my daddy!”
me: “daddy isn’t here. daddy is in Qatar”
j: “my daddy! my daddy left me here! why did my daddy leave me? my daddy left me!”
me: “yes honey, daddy left us all here, but he misses us. he is where the Army told him to go”
j: “but I miss my daddy! we all miss daddy. I just want my daddy for Christmas. I just want my daddy!”
tonight be thankful for the ones you love that are near. we are blessed beyond words that daddy j isn’t in harm’s way, but there are 70,000 families who have to worry about their loved ones safety in addition to missing them. please hug and kiss your loved ones tomorrow for us… just because you can.
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