momma needs sleep

I consider myself a person that does pretty good without any sleep, but the last 3 days I’ve hit a mega wall. mega.

being grossly sleep deprived messes w/ a lot of things, but probably my least favorite is my appetite. the amount of sleep I’m getting is pretty much directly inverse to the amount I overeat. it’s like my stomach forgets to send a message to my brain that I’m full. probably bc all if my brain power is serving to keep awake and from walking around doing dumb shit.

today is no different. I went to the local grocery store w/ my nursing bra top layers down. basically, I went braless to the local grocery store. basically, it’s like Mayberry and you see at least 5 people you know every time you leave the house. basically. the best thing about it is I didn’t even notice until 2 hours later when I just laid down to nurse c. I really must get some sleep.

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