my open letter to the Food Network

Dear Sir or Ma’am,

Ever since I’ve become a mom, I’ve been watching cooking shows to find nutritional meal ideas to serve to my family. I’ve come across some excellent meals (and I understand that you’re working with a limited clock), but I’ve not found too many recipes that are compatible with a 3 year old and almost 2 year old running around and playing human donkey kong or survivor in the 30 minutes I steal away to prepare a meal for my family.

I know that I’m hardly the only mom who has children hanging off of her like a jungle gym, demanding attention, and getting a little too close to those sharp things that I use to cut veggies and meat. I’m sure that someone in your food network think tank has already suggested a cooking show for moms, by moms, and with moms as the chefs. The concept would be a little like Kids Say the Darndest things meet Rachel Ray. I know if I saw a mom like me answering questions about which dinosaurs smell the worst and why the dolls hair looks like a rats been sucking on it, all while the mom prepared a fantastic and healthy meal for her family… well, I’m
there with my best house robe and biggest bottle of wine to watch! I’m pretty sure I can speak for the millions of domestic divas the world over when I say “pretty please!” Pretty please give us something we can relate to that will also empower us to feed our families delicious and nutritious meals while having fun!

And, of course, if you need someone for the pilot… I’m free and my kids are totally camera-ready and gorgeous. If I do say so myself.

Thank you!,
Meagan Drew

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