Haunted Hot Springs Part 1

Picture It: February 2007. It was a time before iPhones. Central air. And the wheel.

But really. It was February 2007 and J and I were engaged and we decided to road trip from Kentucky (barf) where J was in OBC to El Paso where I was stationed. We loaded up the ole Volvo with a green girl, some standard issue trunks, and a few duffle bags. It.was.stuffed. Like think can if biscuits joint pressure. There would be no seat reclining and I had about a 1/8inch clearance on either side of my body. What better way to set off on an 18 hour journey?

J had already done most of the trip in reverse when he was leaving from BOLC (do they still do that?!?) at Fort Sill to Fort Knox for the start of OBC. Mind you, it was the summer.

As part of his summer travels, J stopped in a little place called Hot Springs, Arkansas. (I used to know a little about the history back before the incident. I’ve since blocked it all out). J was mega impressed. He told me all about the cute little shops and all the gorgeous mineral springs buildings and the majestic hotel that sat up on the big hill overlooking the city.

J insisted that we put Hot Springs on our itinerary for the return trip and by golly we’d stay in the hotel on the hill. Now let me just be honest about something right off the bat. I knew 2 things about Arkansas. 1. the capital and 2. that’s where Bill Clinton came from. J said it was awesome though, so I was all for expanding my horizons.

Imagine my surprise when we rolled into town and I got slapped in the face with fart. This was my first experience in a town with Hot Springs. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a place with Hot Springs but the surrounding area smells like rotten eggs and broccoli farts. I, to this day, do not understand how anyone could relax surrounded by such a horrid smell, but I digress.

So for starters I’m gagging at the stinch, then we are driving and realizing that all the shops are closed since it’s Sunday. Well, I do not know where they bus the shop keepers in from but I can tell you that no one lives in that town. We literally did not see a single soul. Not one person. outside of the hotels skeleton crew the entire time we were in Hot Springs.

… To Be Continued

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