I’m writing this right now from the comfort of my bed, snuggled in between 2 cuties who don’t care if my legs are shaved (which is good because they definitely aren’t), wearing a pair of humongously oversized underwear that i got after my c section (that i could roll down 4 times and still be able to use as a floation device for at least a family of 6 in the unlikely event of a water landing) and an old West Point shirt while waiting for my parents to go to bed so I can sneak out and put out their Valentines Day presents. They totally won’t read this until after they’ve already gotten their presents though, so I’m not to worried about giving away my trade secrets here.

I know this next statement is probably going to sound a little confusing, but let me e’splain. I took a hiatus from the book of faces. you’re probably all “say whaaaatttt? how comes I’m reading this right off the link I got on Facebook?” I’m hiatusing (totally not a word) from checking Facebook. I’m still going to post pictures directly from my camera roll on my phone, still going to reply to threads, still going to post blog entries for you to read there… these are all things I can do without logging in.

I gotta say I was inspired by a friend of mine who said she didn’t miss it. I said “are you KIDDING ME????” but then I thought I might try it to. I mean, guys, I love knowing all about what your auntie’s cousin’s brother’s friend’s barber thinks about President Obama or that you are one of 600,000 people who are helping someone who is still 400,000 likes from getting their kimono dragon or that thanks to the pesky new Facebook privacy settings that because you posted on the wall of colonblow.com we all know what amazing results you’ve been having or well… you get the picture. I went on a rant the other day bc I was up to my ears in baby hate. (seriously, who could hate a baby?) I saw many more rants coming down the pipeline so I needed to step away.

don’t get me wrong. I really do look forward to seeing your pictures and hearing what’s going on in your life. so much, in fact, that I considered it a real sacrifice to give up Facebook for lent. I will miss “having my coffee” with everyone everyday. but because I’m Catholic and someone told me one time that I don’t have to do my resolution on Sunday (I don’t know if that’s true, but I’m going with it)-I’ll see you Sunday! I can’t wait to see what new bandwagons we’ve all jumped on this week. I’ll get my cowboy boots ready. 🙂

but really. prepare yourselves. I will be blowing up your Facebook with comments and likes on Sundays. M-Sat ill still post pics and blogs and answer posts, just don’t be surprised if you don’t see me updating my status or e-highfiving you for a bit.

I’m off to enjoy some uninterrupted by Facebook snuggling with my mini-mes. 🙂

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