mommy <3s j, j, and c

see that sweet artwork?

I’ve been inspired to do a little chalk drawing thanks to c’s Mary Poppins birthday theme.
Unfortunately, the only thing I can really do with chalk is write and draw smiley faces. but, even then, I’m not really sure if they should have a nose or not and if i put one then they just end up looking pinnichio after he denied eating the last of the thin mints. sidewalk chalk art is a pivotal part of this party and I plan to do some fancy artwork for the walkway. however, I don’t think we are in danger of any kids slipping away to a hoedown with pants sagging penguins from my masterpieces. In fact, I’m considering letting c scribble some on the sidewalk, claiming it, and saying I took my inspiration from pollock.
other notable things that happened today:

yippee ki yay mother cluckers

what? toilet time was a little drafty
and at this point I’m pretty sure you’ve stopped reading so I’ll go ahead and tell the most terrible thing that happened today. I found an queen ant in my bed and I’m pretty sure she was a stowaway in my hair.

…I’ll let that sink in for a minute…

then again, I did have on a pair of super catchy pants and I had been outside.

all I know is that when I got up from trying to get the kids down, there was a queen ant in my bed where my head had been. oh hells no, sister. there will be no colonizing. I already share my bed with 2 kids and 2 lovies. I don’t have room for you and your closest 2000 friends. the queen ant didnt quite get released back into the wild, but lets just say she is “free.” I’m waiting for retaliation. I hope they don’t know who did it.


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