buddies, cuddle : 2 each.

so… way back in the day when c was 1, I took her to the Dr for her 1 year check-up and he asked me what I thought about the new attachment parenting article that had just come out. I was all “oh… I don’t really think much about it. it all seemed pretty in-line to me” and he was all “you know you’re an attachment parent, right?” and I was all “naaaawwww. am I?” and he was all “yep. yep. 100% you are” since me and old dr. g arent exactly BFFs, he based this on the fact that I admittedly co-sleep, breastfeed, and wear my kids. and of course, here we are a year later and I’m solidly still doing all those things. if that makes me an attachment parent, then somebody get me an “attachment parent” hemp tshirt.
that isn’t really where I was going with that… sorry. anyway, bc we have been nomads this year and we don’t always have access to 2 beds, both of the kids have been sleeping with me. j, I think, could take it or leave it. c, on the other hand, has to have someone in bed next to her. has to. all the time.
every night we have our drill. dinner, bath, teeth, bed. I come in and I nurse c until she’s asleep. Once shes out, i whisper to j “do not get out of bed & do not wake your sister,” i combat roll out of the bed, tiptoe out the door, and go watch law & order on Netflix with my parents until the first one of us falls asleep. and every night somewhere between 830-930, little c wakes up, realizes shes alone, and comes toddling out screaming like she is actively having bamboo shoots shoved under her teeny tiny fingernails. every night I try to calm her down. I succeed 50% of the time. the other 50% I want to cry because I just wanted an hour to myself. (hey, I’m just being honest here). tonight on her stumble out, she grabbed some mardi gras beads. I thought that was pretty considerate of her. at least she wanted to make my dreaded pilgrimage back to the bedroom more festive?!? I mean really. the child has to have someone in the bed with her. I don’t have a crystal ball, but I think our future looks like having c in the bed with us until she goes off to college (just another way she is ensuring that she stay youngest child forevermore) I wonder if the personality compatibility sheets they pass out for dorms at college has a “likes to cuddle” option?

would you look at these two? two peas in a little pod. I love the protective arm thrown over his sister.
aside from his perpetual grilled cheese breath, I think her brother makes an excellent human body pillow. maybe I can sneak away and sleep in the toddler bed? talk about 10lbs of potatoes in 5lb sack.


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