toddler pillow talk

I thought maybe 3 was too early to ask my son what he wanted to be when he grows up, but what do you know? he has an answer! uh duh. nocturnal rockstar. do you think he has a little harbored resentment over having a bedtime?
I saw a list a while back on Pinterest that was questions to ask your kids at dinner time. We mostly talk about Mickey Mouse and going on imaginary safaris at dinner, but I liked the premise.  The list I found seemed a little old for him, so I revised it a little and his answers were really fun. This is the list of questions that I asked (with answers!)
1. what do you want to be when you grow up? – nocturnal rockstar-
2. why? -cause I don’t have to go to bed! and I can be a rockstar like Mickey-
3. do you think you’ll get married when you grow up? -yes-
4. what will he/she look like? -brown hair-
5. what color eyes? -blue-
6. what will she wear? -pink dress, a pink bow like c, and yellow shoes- (fashion forward, eh?)
7. what will she do for work? -a mom- (I guess he doesn’t think I’m a slob kabob for staying home. so, I think I’m doing something right)
8. so you think you’ll have a kids? -yes-
9. do you think you’ll have boys or girls? -both. a boy and a girl like my c-

and then he kinda lost interest. before y’all destroy me and say that I was being ridiculous for talking to j about getting married at 3, I was following his lead on this. he always asks me if we can get married. I just tell him I’m already taken by daddy. no need to get into it further… 🙂 he is very curious about family structure so i figured he’d talk about it.

also, I wanted to try to get him describing people. it’s the next big developmental milestone he needs to conquer. he enjoyed it too… I think.

I made the little mock Polaroid to help me remember his “first what I wanna be when I grow up.” I used PicMonkey to design it. it was quick, fun, and great for my digital scrapbook.

what do your kids wanna be when they grow up? do you have daily questions you like to ask? I was trying to think of some questions to ask everyday but beyond “how was your day?” I’m kinda lost.


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