the day the diapers died

we *may* or may not have had a diaper funeral today.

somebody cue amazing grace. our sweet little friend mr. huggies got buried in the backyard as a way of sending a message to the kids that there would be no more diapering.

putting the diaper in the diaper casket

ashes to ashes. dust to dust (in roughly 250 years).

ma’am was the master of ceremonies. they pledged to wear big boy underwear (and big girl?). but after realizing this was going to mean that I was sleeping in the bed with 2 people who potentially could pee their pants at any time, we reigned that one back in to pull-ups which are pretty much an upgrade because they don’t wear them ever.

so far so good. c dropped some lead in her pull-up but j did not. j didn’t drop lead anywhere so I think that means i’ll be whipping out the old gas mask sometime tomorrow.

we also created one bomb-diggity treasure chest at the advice of my friends to help things along.

there is candy at the bottom too bc what else will mommy steal from for her after dinner treat?

they get 1 candy for liquids. 2 candies if they tell me they have to liquid and then succeed. solids get 1 prize. so far today we’ve given out exactly 0 candies and 0 prizes. as you can see, things are really going great. .:rolls eyes:.

all those in favor of shelving it and making daddy do it when he gets home, say aye.


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