personal foot heater

it’s no surprise to everyone here that I’ve had 2 nuggets in my bed this year, right?

I’ve told you that they snuggle and that’s adorable. I may have even told you that they snore and that’s way less adorable. but what I haven’t told you is that every.single.night j sticks his feet down the back of my pants to keep his feet warm.

exhibit a:

this is a pg-ish rated blog, so I cropped this pic just so you could see my waistband and my back. (yes, I have stretch marks on my back. have you seen a picture of me pregnant? I get like triplet belly big. I have stretch marks everywhere… including behind my knees. what IS that????)

and I’ve tried socks for him. he just takes them off so he can stick them down my pants.

I’ve already told daddy j that when he gets home I’m going to convert j’s bed into a big boy bed and they can all sleep in it. j can use daddy j’s backside as his own personal heater. I am calling maintenance to have my heater deadlined and I’m going to sleep in the master bed all by my big girl self. I’m so sleep deprived from all these 365 nights of being a personal heater/milk dispenser that I may just bring a big ole box of garlic roasted triscuits into bed for sustenance and spend a week catching up on sleep and watching my DVR.


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