let’s all just get real, shall we?

CONFESSION: sometimes i let my kids watch tv with the closed captioning on and pretend that it’s just like me reading them a book.  only it’s not me, it’s the characters reading the book in their own voice which makes it doubly bad-ass.

I was talking with 2 of my very awesome friends today via group iMessage. incidentally, group iMessage is my version of  having coffee with my frans everyday. and i love it. i loves it so hard.  additionally, i don’t have pay $5 for a latte, wear a bra, or brush my teeth beforehand.  so, high ten for that.

my friends (all of them) are the people in my life who say “ohhh girl, me too!” when i tell them that i locked myself in the bathroom for the 6th time today to get 5 minutes of peace– aaaaaand that subsequently everyone in the house probably thinks I have IBS. they’re also the people that e-high five me when I take the kids to blow bubbles in the backyard instead of turning on Barney and burying my head in a tube of Pringles to counteract the stress of my day (which a tube of Pringles is totally a single serving, right?) we even have a code for the really bad moves we make: MOTY because if you can’t laugh about it– you’d probably cry a lot.  you feel me?

anyway, today friend k, friend j, and I were having a particularly hard day in the parenting rodeo. friend j made an off-handed comment that she can’t stand blogs were people look so happy and perfect all the time.  it’s like a mommy kick to the junk.  she wants to see the blog where the mom admits to her faults and doesn’t make her life seem like it’s all sunshine and roses- because frankly it makes the rest of us feel like real turds even though we know deep-down that their life isn’t what they’d make it seem. (the internet is funny that way, huh?)

so, i hope that’s what you find here when you tune in. sometimes I’m a kick-ass mom and you can be sure I’ll be documenting that here. I’ll need something to look back on when I’m considering going Rob Kardashian on a box of roasted garlic triscuits. but most of the time, let’s face it, i am not a kick-ass mom. BUT i’m a mom that just really loves her kids and is doing the best that i can. that counts for something, right?

and i mean… this did happen while i was on the clock:

i make mistakes. don’t we all?  can we promise to just be real about it?  we are all in this together after all.

it takes a village.  and the interwebs just made that village a whole lot bigger.

**the rob kardashian links to my favorite youtube clip from a tv show E-VER. please watch**

if you wanna follow somebody I admire, you can check her here: http://www.lesleywgraham.com/  she’s real and she’s honest.  and she’s awesome.


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