easter pics blooper: purple nurple

ok.  so i wasn’t completely honest yesterday.  i was feeling lazy and i thought my post was pretty boring and long and i didn’t want to bore y’all further.  the picture taking wasn’t all rainbows and kittens.  c was in a really foul mood.  she was overtired and she threw it down in the photo place.  the sweet lady was just like “she certainly has a mind of her own doesn’t she?” which is code for “your kid might be crazy… you probably want to see someone about an exorcism.”  it took us about 1.5 hours to take 14 shots- 12 of them being outright horrible.  i knew that the last 2 were the only 2 i liked when it came time to purchase and the lady didn’t really show me any others. however, she did put them on the online gallery.

being the amazing wife that i am, i sent daddy j the link so that he could look at the pictures of the kids all prettied up in their clothes. insert- awwwwwww.   i didn’t pay any attention to what pictures were on there.

and then today i get this email from daddy j:

“Some of those pictures were adorable . . . and some were a little horrifying” 

i just wrote back… something like “haha.  c was in a mood and threw a few tantrums” and thought nothing of it.  

later i get these texts:

are you totally wondering what the heck he is talking about yet?  because i was…
sooooo… this happened yesterday:
c, i do not blame you not one little bit.  i’d be upset too. i’ve started saving for your therapy, sweetheart.  
i am fairly certain that is not what Jesus meant by “love thy neighbor as thyself” 
Happy Easter!  


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