this one is going to be quick bc I’m exhausted and we gotta be up early for more adventuring.

we are in Atlanta on vacation. I’ve heard Atlanta called hotlanta before… I’m not really sure why. I’m moving that we make a change to lukewarmlanta because it rolls of the tongue better and doesn’t set up out-of-towners for quite so many expectations. win-win.

the kids FINALLY went to sleep. they both got a quick nap on the train ride around stone mountain, which meant they got just enough of a power nap to go all night long.

oh shit! she’s not gonna sleep tonight is she?

other than just enjoying the P & Q, I made the mistake of checking myself out in the full-length bathroom mirror. I’ve come to the conclusion that they design the hotel lighting to add extra cellulite where none exists. it’s like a way un-fun hologram and I’m pretty sure they should market it in Hollywood- it’d be great for special effects.

off to upload pics to FB.

sidebar: am I the only person on earth who looks at pictures of themselves and thinks “who is that fat person?”


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