greatest hits part 1

confession: when i am having trouble getting to sleep at night, i look back through pictures of my kids.

if a picture is worth a thousand words, then i have written many a novel, my friends.  one thing that i can look back on in my life and be proud of is that i have a picture from my kids from every single day of their lives (thank you iphone).  i can literally watch them grow from birth day-by-day.  that’s pretty awesome.  if i do say so myself.  dang, it’s physically pretty hard to pat yourself on the back.

i wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite pictures and tell you a little bit more about why they are so special to me.  i obviously have millions of favorites, so this is my waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy greatest hits.

i had a csection with baby j and he was in pretty bad shape when he was born.  because i had a c section and the NICU was tightly set-up i didn’t get to see him until an agonizing 12 hours after he was born.  the first time i saw my son (aside from the literally .23 seconds when they were bagging him as they took him out of the room) is this picture that daddy j brought me back after one of his visits.  this, my dear readers, is the first ever good look i got at my sweet son.  

this is one of my favorites because…well… i just love this face.  he had just gotten his oxygen off that morning and that was the first really that i’d gotten to see his whole face.  

y’all.  i weighed approximately 475lbs in this picture, smelled like grilled cheese, and i had Bell’s Palsy.  i did NOT want to have my picture taken.  but, i am so glad that i put my vanity aside and got pictures taken with my baby boy.  i will treasure this picture forever and ever. 

this is pastor skip.  this is j on his baptism day. daddy j and i did a lot of Church “shopping” while we lived in El Paso.  we found St. Luke’s Methodist Church church in El Paso just a short time before i got pregnant with j.  the minute we walked in we just felt like we were home. it was such a big part of our life when we lived there, a blessing times a million, and we just love pastor skip to the ends of the earth (and pastor jeb now too).  j and c were both baptized at st. luke’s.  i hope that any and all future offspring get to be baptized there as well. 

um, i just really like this picture.  

daddy j reads the most boring things (sorry daddy j), but baby j would find anything that his daddy did fascinating.  this picture from him being an itty bitty is just a window into the future. 

jerbear the care bear.  daddy j told me that i had to make baby j’s halloween costume.  i didn’t start even thinking about it until about 5 days before halloween.  we searched and searched and came up with this bear costume.  i sewed on the heart.  that kinda counts as homemade, right? 

probably my favorite picture of all time.  we are so proud of daddy j for his service.  and we are proud of daddy j just because of who he is.  he’s a great daddy and j adores him.  it’s not very often you can capture emotion like that in a picture– but i had the luck of the iphone with me on this veterans day. 

i melt. 

i grew up in mississippi.  i am not a snow baby.  but, i gave birth to one.  this was baby j’s first real time to run around and be crazy in the snow.  he looks like such a big boy here.  and i can tell you he had big boy amounts of fun. 
some other time when i am feeling nostalgic, i’ll pick up where i left off. 


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