PBS Pay Up

PBS lays it on thick lately.

sometimes I have to do things like shower and i so completely selfishly dont want an audience so I put the kids in front of the tv. I know. I know. for shame.

everyday while the kids are spending time with the babysitter (re:tv) I hear Dr. Scott the Paleontologist say “programs like these aren’t possible without viewers like you.” what I hear: “hey lady! you’re letting Barney babysit your kids. Keeping that well-fed purple t-Rex employed ain’t cheap. it’s time to pay up.”

they’ve been airing these guilt trips way more often since congress entered their big sequestration shit show. come on, Dr. Scott. I’m already feeling guilty enough about letting my kids log Barney hours while I do all those completely optional things like wash myself.

today I decided that I was going to send the babysitter some money. it’s only fair, right? I figured while I was at it, I’d backlog for the past 3.3 years.

Barney babysits my kids on average 1 hour a day at $12 dollars an hour and it’s been for 40 months. by my calculations I owe PBS:

ummmmm, JK.

how about I just buy a few Barney DVDs and fast forward through Dr. Scott?

What’s that you say? win/win?


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