bridesmaid dress part 3

you can read part 2 Here

I *may* or may not have secured a 3rd dress today as an insurance policy on the 2nd dress. you know, just in case China doesn’t come through or j decides to drench me in salad dressing or something.

dress 3:

I’m definitely going to need a tan bc that manikin is at least 3 shades darker than me and the dress even makes her look pasty.

I won’t tell you where I found the dress, but I can tell you it rhymes with Hal-fart. Y’all! I know. I know. I know. Don’t worry. the cut of the dress is flattering and it’s nothing some stitched on pearls can’t fix to fancy it up a bit. and besides, how is buying a dress from there any different than ordering my dress from China? it was probably made in the same factory.

Worst case scenario, I’m going to be rocking the wedding colors all weekend long bc I’m amassing quite the collection of rose colored dresses.

if you need me- check all the sunless tanning beds in the area.


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