letter to my c

my first time to hold you

dear c,

tomorrow is your 2nd birthday party. i really don’t know how that happened. i know its cliche’ (you probably don’t know what that word means yet), but it’s true. it feels like just yesterday i was sitting with you on the couch staring at you and watching you breath. …and i’ll never forget the day that i got to see your whole face unobstructed by the oxygen tubing. …and the first time i held you. you took my breath away. i have been trying to catch my breath ever since.

you are such a remarkable little girl. you are the perfect missing puzzle piece in our little family. you are a wonderful combination of your daddy and me. you have your daddy’s passion and your mommy’s spunk. you adore your brother and you do everything that he does (some things even a little better than he does– but shhh, don’t tell him that). i am in awe of how much we were blessed when you came into our little trifecta and turned it on it’s ear. no day with you is predictable. i have never met a child who blazes with independence and determination like you do. i will always be your biggest cheerleader to help you take that determination and soar.

you are headstrong and stubborn. you are sensitive and loving. you are funny and oh, so serious. and funny because you are so serious. you absolutely light up any room that you are in and are constantly garnering attention with your big bows and your flirting. your smile is what lights my life and your laugh is my fuel.

you are oh so perfectly and wonderfully made.

your daddy and i look so forward to watching you grow and experience new things. if there is one thing that i know about you, my darling, it’s that no matter what you chose to do in your life- you will do it and do it well.

i am astonishingly proud to call you my daughter, incredibly thankful for your health, and positively unable to express in words just how much you mean to me.

i love you,

that’s my girl.

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