just another day

I am working on a surgery recap but it’s taking forever. 1. because the day of my surgery I was stoned out of my mind thanks to what is safe to say was a little bit of overkill in the prescription department (more on that later) and 2. because my son must fill every single minute of every single day with noise. sometimes it’s words. sometimes it noises. sometimes it just wah-wah-wah wah wah-wah like Charlie Brown’s teacher. It’s kinda hard to think when you’ve got someone with the volumes a. soooo loud and b. ear-splitting talking non-stop.

today was just like any ordinary day. the more i am around these small humans the more i am realizing that I can count on a couple things to happen every single day. they do say that humans are creatures of habit. whoever they is.

I’ll start with myself. every.single.day I am going to do or have something embarrassing happen to me. tonight I stopped by Walgreens to pick up some ink and some shampoo. while I was there I decided to pick up one other something to help with some anesthesia aftermath- I won’t go on. annnd it never fails that I’ll run into someone I know who is walking by while i am standing in this aisle:

nooooo… it’s not for me. it’s for my fish.

next up jman.
his daily idiosyncrasies are 1. getting trouble for punching his sister. 2. whining to watch Barney. 3. yelling “HELP! HELP! HELP! ” in a situation where he means “Mommy could you come here for a second?” 4. saying he is starving, but eating nothing on his plate. 5. losing his mind because he can’t find bobo when it’s time to go to sleep. 6. having a nervous breakdown for no good reason like reasons my son is crying oh and 7. talking NONSTOP.

I’d say he is pretty straight forward for a 3 year old.

then there is Clara.
you can count on Clara 1. throwing something. 2. hitting her brother with a hard plastic object. 3. snatching something from her brother and running like a Kenyan triathlete in the other direction. 4. putting on dress-up clothes incorrectly usually involving her neck. 5. insisting that she needs chowklat. 6. getting her head stuck in something.

why isn’t this working out how I thought it would?

this seemed like such a good idea at the time…

sorry I couldn’t get clearer pictures, but she wouldn’t sit still. I can’t imagine why.

on the plus side I can count on plenty of I love yous, silly faces, hugs, and cuddling so it’s not all bad.

and sorry it wasn’t too terribly interesting today. I’m going to blame it on a hangover from the drugs. but I do think this is stuff I will want to remember one day when it’s daily habit is asking for $ and or keys.

just another day in paradise.


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