good grief

i am so sick and tired of my kids fighting all the damn time.

it’s fixin’ to get real matrix on yo’ face up in here!

i literally cannot leave the room without hearing 5 seconds later “bang!” “pow!” ” zap!” “funt!” “koom!” you know, because my kids are obviously comic book characters from the 50s, but you get what i am saying. as a matter of a fact, i am hearing all those noises right now and i am ignoring them.

c, I’m really sorry I compared you to this big Bertha type. please don’t hate me when you are a teenager.

i am an only child and i have no idea what the heck to do with two kids beating the hell out of each other at every opportunity. none whatsoever. i can tell you that everything i have been doing is not working because day in and day out it’s beating time. they even beat each other up in the middle of the night for pete’s sakes.

i have a new strategy. i am just going to let them wallop each other until a clear winner has been declared and hope that puts an end to Drew Family WWF. I have an inclination which one of these kids is gonna be the winner and it’s not looking good for the oldest.

I hope that’s not what your nose permanently looks like when your sister gets done with you, kid.

in this corner weighing in at 37 lbs and wearing the red pull-up we have punchman j. and in this corner weighing in at 31 lbs and wearing the fairy diapers we have bitemaster c. tap gloves. keep the fight clean.

momma said knock you out. so I’m gonna knock you out.

I know that they get it out of their system and go back to being adorable and best friends.

we love each other soooo much until we break out the shanks made from Popsicle sticks and mom’s fear.

someone please tell me what to do in case the cage match doesn’t work. I’m out of my league.


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