after baby body

lookie here.  i KNOW  for a fact that not everyone who has a baby bounces back like heidi klum and is walking the runway in 6 weeks- in a bikini no less!  at the very least, even if you go back to your pre-baby weight by the time you leave the hospital (haters gon’ hate… gurrrrlll), your body pieces never quite go back to where they started.  but for those other 99% of people who don’t snap back into pre-baby weight a good many of them are going to try to make you feel like they did.  remember, let’s all just get real, shall we?  still applies. i’m here to tell you the honest truth about things and to give you some pointers i have picked up along the way. 
even though you gain some serious poundage and start having to buy your bras in sizes like 38Long instead of 38D…at the end of the day you have an awesome little baby(ies) to show for it, so it’s totally worth it. buuuutttt it does take some getting used to.  that’s for sure.  and for a lot of us, getting the baby weight off is hard work-work.  with a new baby dangling from your mammal teats or keeping you up all night or spiting up on you the minute you put on anything nicer than your husbands old stained t-shirt, the last thing you wanna do is put on something nice, put some clean foods into your body, and go for a run.  been there.  not done that.  you don’t have to front with me.
after i had j, my husband and i knew that we wanted to have another baby pretty quickly and, honestly, it was easier for me to eat target red velvet cakes for breakfast and wear sweatpants than it was to worry about my waistline. that’s especially true because heavy d over here gained 75lbs during my first pregnancy and had no plans of taking it easy on baby baking round deuce.  needless to say, there are not very many pictures of me from after baby j was born, but i’ll share a few with you here because i am transparent like that: 

what’s that you say?  i can’t hear you over the noise my FUPA is making trying to escape those pants…
now there is a fool-proof strategy: hide your be-hind behind your family.
now. shopping for my new bod was something i DREADED.  i definitely didn’t fit in anything (comfortably) that mr. klein or ms. taylor made. i bought a lot of stuff without trying it on and felt generally pretty crappy about myself from december 09 until august 11.  that’s a LONG time to hate your body friends.  
after i had c i managed to get off all the baby weight by using the Weigh Down Diet, which is pretty much not really a diet at all, but a lifestyle.  i’ll post on that another time, but what i am getting at here is that i got of all the baby weight but keeping it off has been a struggle.  i am constantly fighting with 10lbs.  right now with all the stress i have going on in my life, i am letting the 10lbs take up residence, but i will resume the good fight soon when we get settled once daddy j gets home.  today i decided that it was time to dress this new meagan to make her look good without worrying about what the scale says.  
to be continued…  

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