tea baggin’

j and c are going to get to be the ring bearer and flower girl, respectively, for the first time on Monday! and, they get to wear their Easter outfits again:

squeeeeeeee!!!!! I am so happy to see them in these outfits one more time!

since j is going to be walking down an aisle, he needed to get a fresh fade for the occasion. we all know how much I dread haircut time. I made the earliest possible appointment Thursday so maybe I could feed him, promise him a second breakfast, and get the whole thing done before a sugar crash. upon arriving, I explained to Ms. Linda that j does not, will not, wont not wear a cape.

nope. not falling for the cape giving you super powers, kid. I was born in the morning, but it wasn’t this morning.

by skipping the cape meltdown, I think we set the pace for a good haircut. he sat still and it was over with quickly. a lot quicker than either Ms. Linda or I thought it would be. and since he got done so fast, Linda had time to do a trim on my hair before her next client.

Knowing that j wouldn’t go for the cape, I brought an extra shirt for him to wear. But since I was in a hurry to get done, I just took his hairy shirt off of him, sat down in the chair, and he ran off to play in the toy corner.

somewhere about 1/2 head in to my haircut, I look over to see him standing there naked as a jaybird. buck.naked. just chillin in the play area without a care (or stitch of clothing) in the world. I said “excuse me one moment” and ran over to where he was in search of a pull-up, his pants, a loin cloth, anything. I got him redressed in his pull-up and apologized to Ms. Linda. As I sat down, I said “I bet that doesn’t happen around here too often” and without missing a beat she replied “Eh. it happens more often than you think” and kept on cutting.

I think it goes without saying that I left my biggest tip yet and was seriously considering leaving a container of Lysol wipes on their doorstep and running.

never a dull moment around here. and I know he is going to hate me when he is 15 and this story is floating around on the Internet. that’s a risk I am willing to take.

In addition to packing for the Tennessee trip, we’ve also started packing for our return trip to Colorado Springs. I have been really busy packing things, moving things, etc and with a daughter like c that’s just an invitation for trouble. Here are some of her best moments caught on film:

She was giving herself a ‘mufstush. I personally thought she looked like the Port-o-Potty man after a hard day on the job.

“I fount canty” uh no. actually you found gumballs and after changing her diaper I can say with certainty it does not stay in your stomach forever. Liars.

In other news, I really don’t know what # stuff is about but if I did I’d # the next picture #ClampettProblems.

I’ll give you a minute to guess what that is…

Yep. You are most definitely looking at a clothes hamper, stuffed with toys, and wrapped in Saran wrap.

you’re welcome for that packing tip.

off to sleep now because a 0400 wakeup to drive 9 12 hours in the car with 2 toddlers comes early.

Location:Clairmont Ave,Pascagoula,United States


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