my lady lumps

the professional pictures from the wedding came back from the photographer today.  yay! or….99.9% yay and then there’s that…
somebody has to be duct tape boobie girl. 
might as well be me. 
it’s never a good thing when you get this text message: 
let me zoom that in for you while you get your reading glasses.  incidentally, my friend totally knows how to spell underwear. swear. 
 still not close enough?  ok… if you insist.
oooooohhhhhh no she did’n.  spanx aren’t really helping when you have a wedgie. 
i think i need to send a thank you note to the photographer at honeysuckle hills.  it’s not every day you get to have a professional zoom lens photo made of your cellulite.  luuuccckkkkyyy.  on the bright side, i literally could not stop laughing when i saw this picture. but, i think next time she needs to zoom in a little closer.  i don’t think you get the full effect of all my divots at this angle and from this distance… just a little tip from one photographer to another.
i prefer pictures of me like this one.  you know- where basically i am just like a turtle.  
oh well.  all the pictures of the bride are gorgeous and that’s all that matters. and i am pretty sure that i am the only person who got any pg 13 pics taken, sooooo high five for that.  
if you want to read the wedding recap it’s HERE and if you wanna read why i am ok with my cellulite being broadcast on the interwebs, read HERE


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