go west, young man

it’s time to head back to Colorado.

our year in Mississippi is over. it’s happy and sad at the same time. I didn’t have the same visceral fear this time that I had last time I left to go to West Point. however, I can’t discount the fact that I was profoundly sad to leave my parents’ house. it was the last time I’ll ever live there and the last time I’ll probably ever visit that house since they just bought their new house. and I was sad to leave them. although at times I felt like I came crawling back home in a time of need (which lets admit it– I kinda did), I mostly got to re-meet my parents. and they’re awesome.

it was so hard to leave today but we are 10 hours into our journey and it feels good to be going home. the kids are going to lose their minds when they see all the toys of theirs that they forgot about. and I’m gonna be stoked that they’ll probably be entertained long enough for me to do the pile of tasks that I need to do. yeeeaaahhhh right.

the uhaul is all packed. notably, I came to Mississippi with just the covered portion of my truck full. C and I are black belts in Tetris (and I did comment that we couldn’t fit a fart back there when we were done), but still it was just the bed of the truck. today we have a 6 x 12 uhaul.

that’s what a year looks like itemized, folks.

we’ve stopped a lot today and I don’t care who you are there is limit to the number of times you can hear “Barney in the Jungle” before you leave your sanity somewhere on I-20.

sidebar: my son just said to me “you need to teetee in your pants so I can take a picture”. ok. so we’re all a little crazy today. speaking of teetee- did you know this town existed?

no thanks, Louisiana. I don’t really think I wanna check out the rest stops in this town. if your tete is gross, I don’t wanna know what your port-o-johns look like.

lastly, I don’t recommend driving across MS, LA, and TX in lovebug season.

sooooo many lovebugs went to be with Jesus today.

we have another hour or two before we stop for the night. we plan to stop near Dallas. the traffic there is always terrible. please be kind to us Dallas. otherwise, you can count on me cutting my kids loose and it getting real buck wild in the nearest Cracker Barrel.


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