home at last

for anyone in the greater Colorado area who noticed they haven’t seen much mouse activity lately around their place, you’re welcome. apparently our garage was club med for rats this year.

I left the car in the garage all year and after a new battery, it’s up and running again except for the drivers side front tire which is acting wonky. it hasn’t been driven to have a screwed up rotor or brakes, so I’m thinking thats where the rat senior citizens made their dirty little sex shack. no evidence of rat activity in the house. but still… exterminator call: check.

even though we had a neighbor checking on the house while we were gone, daddy j was convinced that there were hobos (or PC term: squatters) living in our basement. there, obviously, were none. I did leave a window unlocked this whole year though. whoops. the only thing we seem to cant find are spoons and pot lids. thieves… I’ll tell you. devious. I wonder how much cutlery is going for on the black market these days?

it feels so great to be home. I put daddy j seriously to work on his first day of indentured servitude, but we got j’s big boy room and c’s toddler room all set up. other than that, my m.o. was cram shit places and then take the rest of the summer to declutter. we did get the things that go in the den and the things that go in the kitchen put away (re: stuffed) and cleaned. to the outsider it probably looks super clean, but all the cabinets are boobie trapped. take my word on this.

we are also transitioning c out of our bed and into her own (j isn’t as difficult a sale) and it’s going ok. last night she just wanted to sleep with brother:

what? dinosaurs are for girls too!

we tried to let her CIO at nap today but after 20 minutes I went into her and laid down in her toddler bed. I’m not exactly sure how it happened but I slept 2 hours all oragamed up in a toddler bed. I guess we were both pretty tired.

after my nap, I did a little grocery shopping (at Target! yay!) because we only had maraschino cherries and PBR in our fridge.

why I kept cherries but threw out ketchup and jelly is beyond me.

helllloooo, old friend.

we are almost back to a fully functioning household. and I can tell you that PBR didn’t make it the night. 🙂


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