and so on and so forth

we’ve been back 2 weeks tomorrow and it kinda feels like we never left. that’s a good thing. I haven’t been on here much lately because I’ve been busy and when my head hits the pillow at night, I’m snoring before poor daddy j has a chance to know what hit him.

local happenings of note: 1. j started piano lessons. so far I am completely, utterly, and totally impressed with the teacher and the company. his lessons are with Accent Music. The teacher comes to us one day a week for a 30 minute lesson and then we practice a little everyday. Can I please just tell you how adorable watching a 3 year old “play” piano is? Sure he only knows 3 fingers (C,D,E) so far –but it’s so cute it would melt the hardest of hearts.

2. the kids are both sleeping in their own beds (or at least starting the night in their own beds). j *knock on wood* stays in his bed all night once he calms down and finally falls asleep. c, on the other hand, goes right to sleep but wakes up sometime in the night and gets into bed with us. my strategy right now is to hope that we can go further stretches between her bed and ours. mommy needs her sleep.

3. the kids have dentist appointments in the morning and I am literally scared to go for the first time ever. I’m afraid c has got a unfortunate teeth situation and we will be battling cavities her whole little life. le sigh.

4. we got a swagger wagon. finally. 🙂 I loves her. I’m excited to take the van on her maiden voyage to Yellowstone soon.

5. started reading a little more now that daddy j is around to help some. currently reading gone girl. the verdict is still out but it’s getting better.

I’ll try not to go so long between updates again. goodnight moon. goodnight creepy old lady that they make no mention of her relation in the book.


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