the time has come the walrus said

“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:
Of boobs–and teeth–and cavities–
Of sleeplessness–and binks–
And how long it’ll take for c to sleep alone–
And whether pigs have wings.”

i knew i should be afraid of the dentist today.  we didn’t get a good report on 1/2 of our offspring.

the kids were actually really well behaved.  (that kinda goes without saying though because it’s basically a big gift fest/ play time with about 5 minutes of actual dentistry– have i mentioned that i freaking love this dentist?)

swag bag.  or swag water bottle. 

i mentioned yesterday that c had an unfortunate teeth situation.  what i meant by that is that she has some serious plaque buildup on her front two teeth.  i kinda already knew what caused it, but was waiting for the official verdict.  well, the official verdict came in a very pleasant, but very firm, conversation from the dentist.  my tail is officially tucked.  

if c doesn’t knock it off with night time boomboom she is gonna need caps on her front two teeth. the dentist took x-rays and she had a few teeny tiny cavaties.  the dentist gave us 3 months to prevent it from getting any worse before she needs to get the caps.  today marked day 1 of boomboom crackdown. 

it’s not gonna be pretty, folks.

the first thing we did after leaving the dentist was go to my favorite upscale boutique tarjay.  the sole purpose of the visit was to get c some cups she was excited about and some binkies.  yes, that’s right.  i said it– binkies.  she is 2 and she’s never used a binkie and i’m trying to encourage it now. oh yes i am.

you see.  everytime i talk to the baby dentist about my kids’ teeth, they tell me that they will need braces.  the kids have tight contacts.  in other words, their teeth are really close together and that’s just the baby teeth.  the permanent teeth are even bigger and so there won’t be room for the permanent teeth to grow in their little mouths (obviously not a genetic trait from me).  so the way i see it (and the dr agreed with me, incidentally) is if they are going to need braces anyway then what’s the harm in giving her a little pacifierdom? there isn’t any.

 and oh my gaaaaahhhhhh is she adorable. (she picked that binky out herself- girl after my heart)
so, let me tell you how the first nap with her new binkies and bottles went.  here’s the cliffs notes version: it didn’t.  
i gave her the new binkie and she laid there really cute (see above) and didn’t sleep.  she kept saying “boomboom pwease” and i kept telling her that the dentist said she can’t have it anymore.  she WOULD NOT sleep.  would not.  she was insistent that she needed boom.  i was insistent that she couldn’t have it.  and so she refused to nap.  nice.
her up and down and up and down kept j up too so neither of them have had a nap.  i think we are moments away from a coup, but i am armed with rope and marshmallows– so we should be good.

when i finally gave up on their napping, i laid down on the couch to rest a little myself.  c decided to come up and try to nurse through my shirt.  yeah no.  that’s not gonna work either.  i might be in over my head.

the next few nights are going to be the biggest shit show e-ver.  the dentist assured me and reassured me that it* would only last a few nights.  if it doesn’t, i hope she doesn’t mind a little baby toddler in a basket on her business’s doorstep. 
*it being screaming, crying, sleepy whining, angry little person antics.

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