june 1

well may went by fast. I guess that’s fitting though since we are all back together and are no longer waiting on something. it’s a watched pot never boils logic.
may seems to have ended on a high note.

for starters: our mail finally stopped going in circles. one envelope had a forward to Mississippi address sticker, a forward to Colorado address sticker, and a forward to Mississippi address sticker, and a forward to Colorado sticker on it when I got it from the mailbox today. and we wonder why the postal service is having dolla dolla bill troubles.

in other news: c seems to be doing well without the boom. *knock on a wood* she has stayed in her bed asleep until 2-3 before she comes into bed with us since this started. and usually thats her only wake up. before she’d have already woken 3 or 4 times by 2am. whoot! on a related note, my coffee consumption is down by many a kcup a day. folgers is probably heading for a recession soon.

on the cabbage front: my boobs no longer hurt, but they have taken on a weird shape from all the full ducts. personally, I think they look like this:

only less grey and more flesh colored.

apparently I have a high pain tolerance because I’m pretty sure I’m within a day or 2 of exploding boobs. and I’m guessing my TLC special will air sometime in the next 3-6 months. I certainly appreciate all the advice of the seasoned weaners. ( well, that doesn’t sound nice at all does it? ) seriously though, I really am thankful to have such awesome people in my life who are willing to talk about their boobs in a public forum. thank you again.

lastly: wait. first let me apologize for even writing this. sorry y’all. this morning we were sitting on the couch and c was fiddling with daddy j’s shirt. she, then, decided to go spelunking in his belly button. hey, I wouldn’t like it, but it was his belly button so who am I to say?

about 2 minutes later, c caught me with my mouth open and put something in it. I just assumed it was a goldfish she found in the couch. undesirable? sure. downright pukeworthy? nah. except, it wasn’t a goldfish since it was fuzzy and not stale cheesiness. I spit it out immediately and realized c put my husband’s belly button lint in my mouth.

I’m still trying to figure out what I did to her to ever require that kind of retribution. maybe she is taking this weaning thing harder than I thought.

I hope everyone has a happy start to their June and their summer! don’t forget to wear sunscreen.


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