perseverance and Jesus

daddy j has decided we need to make a family crest with the words “we only need perseverance and Jesus” on it. I think it’s pretty fitting.

today was day 1 of the 3-day potty training method. before I go any further let me give you our X out of 10 synopsis:

that definitely says NEGATIVE 3/10.

sorry I keep writing about this, but this is where I put down all my frustrations and thoughts. word on the street is that it’ll only take 3 days to get ‘er done…at which point I will most happily never write about this again (well until subsequent offspring require it).

i will not get into the specifics of today, but if you’re looking for a hot stock tip- I’d recommend bissell.

we have been telling the kids for a weeks now that they were going to be “big boy and big girl ” when we got back from our trip. yesterday we prepped their undies. this morning we got their prizes ready and they threw away
all the rest of their diapers.

basket of undies in the bathroom is not my intellectual property. totally stole this idea from a friend.

y’all. j is nearly 3.5. the kid can do math. riddle me why in the heck broscephus cant figure out that pickle juice should go in the potty not trickle down his legs. seriously, if I saw one more puddle today I thought Jesus was gonna need to come take the wheel.

c is another story. she really likes praise. so she sincerely tried to make it happen, cap’n. I think she is gonna struggle a little with pulling the trigger, so to speak. she went in the bathroom to have all of her accidents today. it’s like she got in there and then didn’t realize that turning your panties into a water balloon in the bathroom gets you partial credit, but is not the double underlined approved solution.

I’m hopeful that tomorrow will be better. it’s been sworn to me that eventually it’ll just click. I could get down with some clicking about now. and when it happens, I’m buying myself a new not diaper bag purse.

daddy j was in rare form today for his potty humor comedy tour. here are some of my favorites:
“noooo buddy!!!!! it’s not a firehose!”

followed by: “its pretty messy in here. we need to get cleaned up because the anaconda was fighting in all directions.”

cross your fingers and your toes for us tomorrow.

I’ll get straight to work on the family crest.


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