three’s a party

y’all might have noticed that were expanding. its mostly my butt and my waistline, but expanding we are!

party hat is due to join the family on February 3rd +\- a few days. who knows. I think party hat may end up a January baby, but I think the zodiac sign will be the same so at least I know a little about what I am getting ahead of time.

everyone in the family thinks party hat is a boy, but c. c says sister.

I have had some strange cravings. no pickles and ice cream or unicorns and glitter. but, Mexican food and cheese sticks (simultaneously) are pretty common. right now, I want corn pops and Lima beans. not like in the same bowl but at the same time.

which brings me to the subject of grocery shopping. no pregnant person should ever be allowed to go in a store that sells food. not a grocery store, not a target, not a Walgreens, not a circle k.

tonight I went to target to pick up a prescription and some unisom. I walked out with: Corn pops, frosted mini wheats, 15 grain bread, orange juice concentrate, twizzlers, sausage biscuits, peaches and push pops. ooookkkkaaaayyy?

also, I have now figured out why women get a nice little pooch (FUPA) after kids. that’s just Gods way of protecting future offspring from their big brothers and sisters. party hat’s cozy little home has been kicked, jumped on, rolled onto, you name it. for once, I’m thankful for my gut and the extra cushion it provides. never thought I’d ever say that.

big sister and big brother are really thrilled. they got to come to the ultrasound. I’m only 7 weeks 3 days, but we saw the heartbeat. the kids were fascinated. prior to the ultrasound they were jumping around all over. when the magic wand showed them the baby they were as still as statues and so excited.

we aren’t planning to find out party hat’s gender until eviction day, but baby j is trying to wear me down. he keeps saying “we need to know who the baby is, mommy”. we will see. I always promised daddy j after we got one of each we could have a “surprise”.

I guess y’all now know extra reasons why c had to get off the boom and get sleep trained and both get potty trained. I bet most of you weren’t even surprised. 🙂


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