knight in shining tetanus

remember this?

the bloggess does have a point. you never know what you’re gonna run across at homegoods. tonight I found this little beauty:

(don’t worry about my 4 chins. I’ve got 7 more months of chin growth. it’s gonna get a lot worse before it gets better.)

I seriously wanted to buy this little guy, bring him home, and just put him on the front porch and wait. and wait. and wait. and videotape people’s reactions.

we have an owl on our front porch with the weird head that bobs and swivels in the wind to keep the birds away. mostly, we just have an owl with the weird head that bobs and swivels that’s covered in bird poop on our front porch. I can’t imagine what the birds would be thinking if they saw this golden statue of pristine shitlessness. and the face mask looks like an excellent future fortified little birds’ nest.

I kept thinking how awesome it would be to get and how hilarious it would be. but my friend (the one who took my picture) did me a solid and told me not to get knight in shining tetanus. although he was only $69.99. ugh… bargain!

we ran over to target really quick after we checked out and did not purchase the KIST. when we got back to the swagger wagon what did we see?

these people need better friends. or an excellent financial advisor. or both.

someone was buying one! seriously, someone in Colorado Springs bought a knight in shining armor from Homegoods. I almost wanted to follow them home just to see what they did with it. like… maybe they have a yearly haunted house and they needed a piece that helped scare the kids and get parents their money’s worth from the DTaP vaccine. or maybe they work for the manufacturer and are trying for some job security. can’t say I blame them.

when i got home, I’d been thinking I was the quirky one in the family. buuutttt I came home to j and the kids watching Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. in June. and here all this time I just thought Christmas music after Halloween was overkill.

and lastly, clararella got some new glass slippers:

they make me ridiculously happy. somehow I think, though, we will be getting her a nice little pink cast sometime in the future since they have the teensiest of heels. she sure does love them though.

thinking of seeing monsters u this weekend. I’m in it for the popcorn. has anyone seen it? will it hold the attention of a 3 and 2 year old? I just need it to keep their attention long enough to devour a jumbo extra butter popcorn complete with a drippy butter beard. I’m thinking 15 min. what say you?


One thought on “knight in shining tetanus

  1. I had heels on my play shoes growing up and surprisingly I didn't injury myself. It has always been my own 2 feet I had to worry about.


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