crunchy granola

actually lets don’t talk about granola. it’ll make me puke.
I’ve mentioned my nausea a little on Facebook but haven’t dedicated a blog post solely to the inter-workings of my stumosh. (translation: stomach in boratnese). that streak ends now.

party hat kept me in bed all day yesterday. you know that feeling that you have right before you throw up where your jaw is all tingly? yeah? I felt exactly like that from 630 yesterday morning until 1030 last night. it was terrible.

I felt pretty good this morning and so I got some pictures printed and went to Walmart. I must have been feeling guilty from staying in bed all day yesterday because I got the kids a tie-dye t-shirt kit. stay tuned. I’m sure that’ll be a blog post in and of itself tomorrow.

my feeling good ran out about the time I had to take c to the ER because I was sure she’d broken her leg from climbing the dining room chair like it was scaffolding and having it fall over. (she didn’t, thankfully!) the burly nurse (probably 6 foot 5 and 300lbs) brought her “a red Popsicle to match her pretty red bow” (his words) and I thought he was gonna get a pile of pretty puke at right at his size 17 skis.

once we got back from the hospital, the kids went straight down for a nap and so did I. Jerry got home as soon as we woke up and went to supper. supper was not a good experience and I decided that he was stopping by whole foods on the way home so I could get something to help.

when I was in El Paso, I went to an acupuncturist. enter: crunchy!

when I got slightly nauseated with j and c he gave me a special “Bach flower” concoction. I keep saying “I wasn’t this sick with j and c” but I also had dr. a’s magical elixir from the word go. when I started feeling bad, I squirted two drops under my tongue and- whamo blamo- I felt better.

at whole foods I found the goods to make dr. a’s elixir! God Bless you whole foods. amen.

I don’t know what mimulus is, but I love it.

put them together and what have you got?

like American Express- never leave home without it.

it might be psychosomatic, but I swear after 1 use I feel a million times better.

in case you’re wondering: I probably am happy to see you… but that’s definitely just my magic elixir in my pocket.


One thought on “crunchy granola

  1. woah. are you saying what I think you're saying? an actual instant remedy? I'm going to have to bookmark this in every way possible if I ever need it in the future because based on my experience, this is more valuable than the Holy Grail!p.s. a million and one congrats…It's definitely a never ending crazy but awesome party 😉


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