it’s a… girl!

i was sooooooo emotionally drained after finding out what the gender (GIRL) of our next baby would be that i could barely stay awake last night.  not bad emotionally drained, but just anticipation over a course of 3 days emotionally drained. i went straight to bed after rocking c to sleep and was out in a matter of seconds.

i couldn’t stay asleep though.  i woke up a bunch of times throughout the night thinking about our new daughter and if she was indeed really a daughter.  confession: you are supposed to be 14 weeks to go get your ultrasound done at the private place i went to.  by LMP (if you don’t know what that means, you’re gonna have to google it), i was nearly 15 weeks.  by my first u/s dating, i was nearly 14 weeks.  i woke up at 330 and decided that i just had watch the video again to make sure that the lady was right since i wasn’t exactly 14 weeks- in theory.

i first looked back through my ultrasound hard copy pics.  i saw the picture that said “GIRL!” but i couldn’t figure out what the hell i was looking at.  with c, i distinctly remember seeing 3 lines that very clearly were girl parts.  i could not see these on this picture… at all.  i mean, i trust the lady doing the u/s because this is pretty much what she does all day every day, but i wanted to see for myself.

alright, if you say so… and that exclamation mark makes me think you are pretty emphatic about this

i remembered during the u/s that she pointed out something that i couldn’t really see on the screen on the wall and that to her it screamed girl.  luckily, she sent me home with a video.

i had to watch about 2:30 of video and then there it was.  hellloooooooo, baby girl.

you want fries with that?
you see that thing the arrow is pointing to?  it’s kinda hard to see the line down the middle but those are 2 very distinctive hamburger buns.  girl it is.  
now i am fully convinced that there will not be any 20 week ultrasound surprises or c section surprises in our future.  hooray for little girls!  i get the feeling that she will complete our family, but hey- nobody can really be sure about these things, can they?
i will not be sharing her name on here since i don’t share anybody’s name on here, but her initial will be m
if you are wondering how the kids reacted… well, i am just gonna be glad that i don’t have video of that.  c just kinda stared at the big screen.  she is s l o w l y coming to the realization that she isn’t the baby anymore.  what?!? and j cried.  yup, we said “it’s a girl!” and he sounded off with a big ole sobby siren of “but i don’t want a girl, i wanted a boooooyyyyyyyyyy!” not much to be done about that now, is there?  we later explained to him that he would be now having all of c’s one year younger friends hanging around and that when he is a senior in high school, m’s freshman friends will be hanging around.  he promptly said “ok, i change my mind.  i really wanted a girl!” okie dokie then.  i didn’t really think that logic would work, but apparently it did.
so now we have 2 kids who are very excited to be getting a sister.  j says “i am going to be the best big brother to two little sisters!” and c just says “its a girl!” she’ll get there.  

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