insomnia and nightmares fear factory

baby growing gives me insomnia.  when i am up in the middle of the night, i turn to my dear old friends facebook, google, and of course pinterest.

last night pinterest gifted me with a picture from Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls. Nightmare Fear Factory is a haunted house inside of what used to be a coffin factory.  the coffin factory part is scary enough, but add a haunted house to it– forget about it.  apparently it’s so scary that they have something called a “chicken list.”  if at any time you yell “Nightmares!” someone comes and escorts you out, but you have to sign the “chicken list.”  the information i found on the chicken list said that there are over 100,000 names on it.  yep, sounds about right.

anyway, the picture on pinterest led me to NFF’s Flickr page (where they post every picture they take inside).  The Flickr page led to hours of laughs.

Here are some of my favorites:

do you think this is what this dad does instead of grounding his kids for punishment?

girl in front just found out she’s going to meet harry styles. 

what’s this ninja in his cable knit sweater fixin’ to do?

i don’t know which middle schoolers are going to be more horrified by this pic:  the two bros in the front holding hands or the two in the back that would rather stick their head up someone’s rump than look. 
it’s a toss up. 

using a kid as your shield- that’s a pretty sweet move, dad. 

velociraptor defense.  classic. 

play on, playa.  looks like as perfect an opportunity for a boob grab if i have ever seen one. 

this lady just straight up quit life and went fetal position with it.  i can respect that. 

i really don’t understand what the pee on a fire hydrant pose does to protect you, but these ladies love it.

justin beiber has never looked so good. 

either they’re really scared or they’re singing r kelly.  hard to say.
if you are wondering what they are looking at– it’s a car that appears to come crashing through a building at right at you.  the headlights are the camera flash.  
i hope this made y’all laugh as much as it made me.  🙂 


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