and today all my dreams came true…

i have always, ALWAYS, always wanted to take pictures of c in my wedding dress.  i saw it on pinterest when c was about 45 seconds old and have been hanging onto the idea ever since.  i got bored and needed a little cheering up today, so i broke out my backdrop and got to work.  c got her hair rolled for the first time and she thought she was tres elegante.  i asked her if she wanted to dress up in a pretty white dress and she said that she thought she might like to get dressed up and marry daddy.  “and then i can kiss him” she said.

here is the end result of our little mommy/daughter photoshoot:

 gah! she kills me dead. 
 i think this one is my favorite

 a girl has got to have pearls.  only wearing one set at a time is for the proletariat. 

i’d curl her hair everyday, but then i’d probably only have time to be able to wash mine once a month. 
or maybe this one is my favorite
sometimes she can’t even take how cute she thinks she is… humble, this one.  
and just so you know, i definitely gave my kids a smart ones meal for breakfast and let them eat it in front of the tv because i didn’t have energy to make a real meal and i wanted them to leave me alone while i ate my smart ones meal for breakfast.  between the pictures of c and the cuisine de tv, i am going to call today a wash on the +/- suck at parenting scale.  
i hope everyone has a great weekend. 

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