daniel tiger

we are headed to another halloween event tonight. if i had to wrangle j into his cowboy costume again tonight, i was going to cry and/or not take them. who knew chaps were so friggin’ difficult to get on and off?
i asked j and c what they wanted to be for this evenings festivities and i was going to wing it out of the dress-up clothes. c requested doctor. easy. j decided he needed to be daniel tiger.

we DO have a tiger costume, but it just so happens to be the costume he wore when he was 1.75 years old. (he turns 4 in december).

i told him if it still fit, he could wear it.  

i think i should have defined “fit” a little better for him. surprisingly, it’s not to short in the legs or the arms LENGTH wise, but i am pretty sure he is going to lose his pickle tonight– at the very least. but really, the whole fruit basket might go depending on how long he’s in this costume. i told him repeatedly that it looked a little tight through the groin area and he insisted that it wasn’t. oooooooook buddy.  

here is a picture of the tiger heading out tonight.


i hope we come home with all the same appendages that we left with. (i’m looking at you, pickle)

right now I’m in bumper to bumper traffic waiting to get in. it’s slowly stealing my soul.

we did see a “reindeer” so the good news is my kids think they’ve already been to the zoo.

you and walmart are really jumping the gun on this Christmas stuff, guys.

off to get candy!


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