trick or treat

even though daddy j was deployed last year, his Midtour leave fell over halloween and he got to trick or treat with us. I’d have much rather had him home over Christmas or Thanksgiving (closer to his actually MIDtour, but daddy j didn’t wanna leave his peeps hanging). oh well, pagan holiday FTW!

since we were in Pennsylvania, it was buttnasty cold, and there aren’t exactly a plethora of walking distance neighborhoods, we drove from house to house to people we know. the year before that, we went to boo at the zoo. so, this year was really the first year that the kids had the “true” trick or treat experience.

we got everyone dressed in their costumes (daddy included who was someone from Star Trek. j called him Star Trek all night like Star Trek was a character that dad was playing or something which was pretty hilarious in and off itself)

Star Trek, Indian, Cowboy

we left the house about 630 and headed off down the street. the first house we went to we reminded the kids what to do and j said “a little bit of trick or treat!” when the lady opened the door. she seemed confused, but gave him candy anyway. when he got his candy and screamed “THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!” right in her face at decibels that were far more frightening than any decoration I’ve seen to date. at least he’s enthusiastic about gratitude?

“a little bit of Trick or Treat”

we stopped at probably 20 houses. I had previously thought we’d only make it to about 4. obviously, j and c had a blast.
probably my favorite part of the whole night though is when j walked up behind a little girl dressed as Ariel and said “heeeeeeyyyyy girl! you look goooooooood!” the little girls mom immediately doubled over with laughter– which is good because her other course of action could have been to punt him right in his sackful of candy.

we got back to the house, did lite “candy investigation,” I felt pretty safe about the candy the kids got tonight because the average age of the candy handeroutters ranged somewhere between AARP and nursing home. We investigated it anyway for good measure and let the kids pick out 3 pieces of candy to eat tonight. they both ate their 3, except for the York peppermint patty that j took which he immediately regretted one bite in, and they also both got poprocks from our personal collection. freaking hilarious.

I saw a few slutty [insert person, thing, or animal] tonight. I know my blood is a little thin since I grew up in Mississippi and all, but I think 45 degree weather calls for a costume more substantial than slutty Popsicle stick or slutty teapot. (slutty Popsicle stick was a joke, but slutty teapot? that totally happened) I don’t know at what point in time halloween morphed into the lingerie holiday, but I hereby solemnly swear that even if I lose all baby weight plus 50lbs, I will never ever wear anything resembling a secret even Victoria can’t keep.

slutty teapot (not a dramatization but a reinactment). the slutty teapot I saw had on fishnets, stripper heels, and on a wing and a prayer granny underwear.

up until today, slutty Chinese takeout was the most ridiculous costume I’d ever laid eyes on.

beef lo mein, you just got served by a teapot. or something like that.

I already can’t wait for next year. I have a guess about where we will be, but you never know where for sure the Army will send you. I’ve already started racking my brains for costume ideas. I know for sure m will be a bear of some sort for her first halloween (in keeping with Drew family traditions). now, I have 364 days to come up with costumes for force the rest of the family into to go along with hers…

Happy Halloween


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