pinched getting on my nerves

strange things happen to pregnant people, but extra strange things happen to people who have Michelle duggar floppy uteruses and carry 6 weeks ahead.

every pregnancy, starting around 8-9 weeks my back gets all weird and sometimes makes it where my legs won’t work right.

the first time it happened this year is when we had a bunch of friends here for 4th of July. I was laying on the floor and j jumped on my legs, which sent my back to a not nice place. I pretty much screamed like the you are not a Christian crazy lady and our very sweet friends took all the kids downstairs while I got pulled up off the floor and, consequently, slung together some language that would get me the lead in any Quentin Tarantino movie.

even though I stay at home, I (up until today) had not had my back get thrown out while I was home alone with the kids.

I’ve been doing a lot trying to get the house ready for staging. yesterday my back really hurt me, but it wasn’t until I got stuck on the toilet and daddy j had to drag/carry me to bed that it started acting up. thankfully the day was done so I went to bed, woke up, and all seemed well today.

this afternoon I moved a few Tupperwares up from the basement and that must have been the straw that broke this elephants back. I sat down on the floor with c and got stuck. completely stuck. my left leg was completely numb and my back was acting a fool.

thankfully, i was still formulating a plan for how to care for the two small children in my charge from the floor when daddy j let me know he was on his way home. I managed to kinda scoot myself on one buttcheek over to the couch to try and use it to pull myself up. no dice.

I informed j and c they had to be on their best behavior because mommy was stuck on the floor. apparently that translates in kindnese to take advantage of the situation because within 60 seconds they had pulled a chair up to the pantry and retrieved down a 2 gallon ziplock bag of candy and were in a sugary free for all. opportunist.

they were kind enough to bring me one piece or so every 6 or 7 they ate themselves. I had about 5 if that gives you any indication of the amount they ate. I appreciate their ingenuity, I didn’t particularly a appreciate their sugar high, but what was I to do?

daddy j got home about 35 minutes after my initial realization that I was stuck and came and helped me right up. I figured he appreciated the fact that I was fully dressed unlike the night before with the toilet situation.

I had asked him this morning to go on his lunch break to get me a heating pad. fortuitous. after he scooped me up from the floor, I have the old heating pad a spin around the couch. thankfully it’s feeling much better.

I still have 4 closets to clean out tomorrow, so I’m considering grabbing an extension cord and a belt, strapping myself and my heating pad into a rolly chair and Charlie Mike (continue mission). Apparently Colorado weather doesn’t care if you only have 5 days to prep for a yard sale, the winter weather comes whenever it wants. Saturday garage sale it is.


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