our house

our house… which is not in the middle of our street, but rather situated nicely at the top of a little hill (great for sledding)!

please share with anyone who you think might be interested, isn’t interested but lives in Colorado Springs, doesn’t live in Colorado Springs but may live in Colorado Springs sometime and wants a great investment property or heck, share it with someone who might know someone. I’m ok to go all 8 degrees of Kevin bacon on this.

see? not in the middle of our street.

bedroom 1, view 1. you like dinosaurs? I’ll totally leave that stuff if it’ll sweeten the deal. c’mon, everyone loves a trex.

bedroom 2, view 2

bedroom 2, view 1.

bedroom 2, view 2

laundry room. where you gets your clothes so fresh and so clean, clean. I just went too far right then, huh?

master bedroom, view 1.

master bedroom, view 2

master bedroom, view 3- that door leads to the bathroom.

stand-alone shower. acoustics: great for singing. privacy toilet room aka poop closet to right.

big ole tub. big enough for a 7 month pregnant woman and 2 preschoolers to fit no problem.

double vanity. I only use half of that so basically the other half is brand new.

walk-in closet. you could totally hang up way more stuff if you didn’t have a $10 goodwill chest of drawers in there to hold all your Army crap stuff.

den picture 1

den looking into kitchen. that cut out is excellent for keeping and eye on your kids/yelling at them.

another view of the den

and yet another because why not?

looking into the kitchen from the cutout.

kitchen view from eat in area

kitchen looking towards eat-in. you’ll note the mini kitchen/ aka “C, GO COOK IN YOUR KITCHEN AND GET AWAY FROM THE HOT STOVE!”

kids’ bathroom, view 1

kids’ bathroom, view 2. “heeeeyyyy, arm! welcome to the party”

downstairs kitchenette/ in-law coffee preparing area/ popcorn popping area for movie night


you bet your pool shark backside that pool table stays with the house. see? don’t you really want to buy the house now?

there are 2 more bedrooms and 1 more bathroom in the basement that I didn’t take pictures of because my battery was at like .002% and why come look at the house if you get all the pictures upfront. you see, I’m a lady of mystery and intrigue.

share it! share it, please!!!


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